Weekend Homework
29th and 30th of August


Over the weekend, you will expect to make sure ALL your work is up-to-date.

This includes:

  • Answering all video questions
  • Having all the sheets either stuck into your books or in a protector sheet
  • Completing all summaries

Below is the sheet by which your class / book work will be marked on. If you have posted summaries to the Wiki, please print them out (provided they are not already written in your book) and stick them in.

When we next have a class, which is WEDNESDAY THE 2ND OF SEPTEMBER, I will be checking your books and giving you a report for your parents to view and sign. If there is any indication that you have forged your parent's signature, a quick phone call can confirm whether or not they signed it and a Thursday will be issued immediately.

Please also note that any incomplete work will mean you have a lunchtime homework detention everyday until the work is completed!

Miss Niven