Weekend Homework
8th and 9th of August

This weekend, you are expected to complete the following:

1. Create your own profile on wikispaces.com and apply to join this wiki. Please use your Redfield email to sign up and use your full name, (e.g. jacobfoxe) as your username. If it is taken try something like 'jacobfoxe9HISB1' - I guarentee that it will not be taken.

2. I would also like you to find an interesting fact about the American Revolution. You will then be able to post it on the Home Page Discussion Tab. Please note that you will not be able to post anything until I have accepted your application to join the Wiki. I will be checking the Wiki on Friday at 9.30am and 7pm, Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 5pm - so you need to make sure that you have created your profile by those times, otherwise you will receive a homework detention on Monday morning, Period Two

3. Have some fun!