Lesson 4 - The Northern Response

During this lesson, we read through The Northern Response and The French and Indian War

You then chose groups of 3 - 4 members and created six questions per group. We started the quiz, but were unable to finish it so we will do so next lesson.

Please don't forget for those that had not made a Wiki Profile to do so... And to post an interesting fact about the American Revolution (from the Home Page, select the tab that says 'Discussion' and put your fact in there). I really do not want to give anyone a Lunch-time detention, but will do so if your homework is not complete. Those who also did not finish writing 6 - 10 points on 'Why Revolt', 'The Southern Colonies', 'The Northern Colonies' and 'Events in England and Europe' also need to finish it.

Thanks! And I'll see you next lesson - Wednesday, Period 5!

Miss Niven

The Battle Of Lexington and Concord.