Lesson 3 - Why Revolt?

There are several things to do in class today:

1. Create your own profile on wikispaces.com (please use your school emails and your full names), search for this blog and request to join - I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jacob had already done so... Great to see a proactive approach to learning!

2. I would like you to take a look at the timeline that I have made into a Wiki page. It can be found here. In your books, note down, in your exercise books, dates of importance, or dates of battles that you have heard of (it may be useful to read over the Lesson 1 - Introduction page and re-read your answers from the video questions.) Please do NOT watch the video again!

3. In pairs, you are to summarise, in dot points, pages 64 - 67, using the subheadings: Why Revolt?, The Southern Colonies, The Northern Colonies and Events in England and Europe. You may type the notes up, and then you will need to post them to the appropriate Discussion Board. (Please include both your names at the top of the summaries). (I would suggest that you split the notes between the pair, i.e. one person summarise Why Revolt? and The Southern Colonies; and the other summarise The Northern Colonies and Events in England and France.)