Lesson 1 -
An Overview of the American Revolution


During this lesson, we viewed a PowerPoint, describing what we would be looking at during the term, such as

George Washington,
General Cornwallis,
the Boston Massacre,
the Battle of Saratoga,

the Loyalists [British and Red Coats],
the Patriots [American and Blue Coats]
and historical issues that arose because of the war.

We also watched (several times), the video below.
I have placed it in the wiki so that you don't have to look too far to find it.

Questions to complete on the Video
1. How many American colonies were there in the 1760’s?
2. What did Great Britain do, in the 1760’s to create tensions between the motherland and the colony?
3. What was the name of the battle that was the first between Massachusetts and the British?
4. Where was George Washington from and what was he commissioned to lead?
5. Who was the leader of the British force, who then retreated to Halifax?
6. How many British soldiers were there when they landed in Staten Island, in 1776?
7. What were two of the reasons that Washington’s assault and capture of the British Garrison at Trenton was able to succeed?
8. What were the two events that allowed American morale to soar?
9. What was the reason for the British assaults on New York and Fort Stanwix?
10. When did Burgoyne surrender and where?
11. Who had been ‘bankrolling’ the Americans during the war and when were they formally recognised as a separate country?
12. What happened after the 1778 and why?
13. Who was the General that helped with the assaults in the Southern colonies?
14. What was the problem that the British faced in the South, even though they had control of the major cities?
15. Who were two of the guerrilla leaders that helped to drain resources of Cornwallis’ army?
16. What was the battle name that the American’s won decisively in 1780?
17. What colony did Cornwallis decide was essential to the British campaign and where did he set up his base?
18. What did the French fleet do in 1781 and what was the battle name?
19. When did Cornwallis surrender?
20. What did the Peace of Paris in 1983 secure for the Americans?

The Original Thirteen Colonies

Virginia, New York, Massachussetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut,
Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey,
North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia

Battle Statistics